Don’t deport Charmain Timmons and her children

Why should Charmain Timmons and her children be deported from NZ because of crimes against her? Take action and sign the petition today.

Charmain Timmons and her two small children will be deported from New Zealand any day now, but you can help.

After earning Permanent Residency in principle they are to be kicked out of NZ because of crimes committed by Charmain’s ex-husband.

What makes this more unfair is that the crimes he went to prison for were in abusing Charmain! Now he gets to stay in New Zealand while Charmain and the children are to go through a traumatic deportation, losing everything they own.

One last chance

There is one last chance for this small family: an appeal to the Associate Immigration Minister Kate Wilkinson. has launched a campaign to urge the Associate Minister to give Charmain and her children Permanent Residency. Please see below how you can add your voice to this campaign.

You can help

If like me you believe this is unacceptable please help.

If like me you believe this will send a terrible message to the world about New Zealand’s stance on child rights and domestic violence please help.

What you can do

Sign the petition
Read about what has happened and sign the petition to support Charmain and her children:
> Sign the petition

Send a message of support to the politicians
You can use’s petition page to send an email to Kate Wilkinson and John Key (New Zealand’s Prime Minister) supporting Charmain:
> Send a message to the politicians

Join the Facebook group
Please ‘like’ the facebook campaign Tammy and I have set up:
> Don’t deport Charmain Timmons and her children

move2nz is about making a difference and we believe that Charmain deserves the Permanent Residency she has already earned. Whether you are in New Zealand or not please join our campaign today and add your voice to support Charmain.

Mike Bell, architect


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