New Zealand to deport abused wife

Another story of the immigration department strictly adhering to rules when a little compassion might be in order:

Govt tries to depart bashed wife
A woman who has lived in New Zealand for four years and left her abusive husband has been denied residency because of his convictions for crimes against her.

The plight of Charmain Timmons and her children, who are now illegal immigrants, has outraged Women’s Refuge, which says the Paraparaumu family should not have to suffer twice because of his cruelty.

I get the feeling from this story that there are mistakes in this article (for example I’ve never heard of the NZ government issuing a 2 year visitor’s visa!).

This will be a case to watch. Presumably under strict rules although Charmain had been approved Residency in principle there would have been a requirement for her husband to continue in his job.

As this was not done (because of domestic violence) that would be a reason for an application to fail, however this story is suggesting that the reason is her husband’s abuse somehow reflecting on her.

I am rather disappointed with the Immigration and Protection Tribunal, it seems to have changed entirely since being combined and reformed with other tribunals. Previously they appeared independent and sound, now they just seem to echo the government which is a real shame.

There appears to be an appeal to the Associate Minister so we’ll see what happens there. Such an appeal should be the safety net for people being treated unfairly however the current Minister very rarely intercedes.

Over to you Kate Wilkinson. Will you stop what appears to be a miscarriage of justice?

P.S. If anyone knows Charmain please ask her to get in touch with me. move2nz helped support and campaign on behalf of Martyn Payne, hopefully helping along the way, and would love to help in this case!


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