Bring back Martyn Payne: take action

We believe Martyn, who has invested his life-savings and six years of his life into turning a struggling NZ business into a multi-million dollar business, is not being treated fairly. Please follow the links below to learn more and help take action to highlight this miscarriage of justice.

All it takes is a click of your mouse!

Please don’t just ignore this situation
Every year over 100,000 migrants come to New Zealand in good faith on temporary visas. Martyn Payne has provided massive benefit to New Zealand, but has still been kicked out. He deserves a fair go and so do all migrants on temporary visas.

This case shows that all migrants on temporary visas are vulnerable to bureaucratic mistakes. Officials have to follow rules, but the Associate Immigration Minister Kate Wilkinson is supposed to be the safety valve. She has declined to review the case despite having new evidence from a specialist.

Please help us highlight this error and help make the system safer for all business and skilled migrants  on temporary visas.

Find out more
Read about what has happened to Martyn Payne here:

This page also includes links to news articles and TV news videos about Martyn’s case.

Lend your support
You can help make a difference with just a click of your mouse!

Take a moment to sign this petition in support of a review of Martyn’s case:

Send a message to the politicians
You can also use this page to send an email to Kate Wilkinson, the Associate Minister for Immigration and Prime Minister John Key:

If you are a member of facebook please visit and ‘like’ this page:
> Against the deportation of Martyn Payne

Call to action – tell your friends and contacts
If you are a member of any other forums, groups or organisations please post to ask your friends to support this petition.

Why is move2nz involved?
move2nz was created to add cultural and economic benefit to New Zealand through informing and supporting skilled migrants (who bring between $2 billion and $3 billion into the economy every year). Rather than sit on the sidelines we take action in lobbying politicians, highlighting problems and trying to improve the ‘system’.

We see this case as a real threat to New Zealand business and believe Kate Wilkinson is sending a message to entrepreneurs around the world that they are not safe or welcome in New Zealand. This error needs to be corrected and the system reviewed to provide greater security for skilled migrants looking to invest their skills and hard earned cash into New Zealand.

Martyn has played by the rules and deserves more than a bureaucratic decision to kick him out based on the medical opinion of someone who has never met him.


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