Earthquake update

As I’m sure you know, on February 22nd at 12.51pm Canterbury was struck by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake.

This was the largest aftershock since the September 4th 7.1 quake, quickly followed by a 5.7 magnitude shake which was the next largest.

I would like to thank everyone who has sent us messages of support and concern. We really appreciate your messages.

move2nz newsletter
This quake caused massive damage and loss of life – I’m sure you will have been following this through news websites. Rather than cover the details again I put out an earthquake update newsletter intended to ensure people are getting help and to offer information on:


  • 2: An explanation of why this smaller quake has caused so much damage and how likely this is to happen again.
  • 3: What the earthquake was like;
  • 4: A message from Steve and Vivecca;
  • 5: Information for people still coming to Christchurch and Canterbury;
  • 6: What are aftershocks like?

Please see a list of useful links below to websites for information on the recovery and where you can help the people of Christchurch.

Whatever you may have heard through the media, people are working like crazy in Christchurch and things are getting done by armies of willing hands. Christchurch needs help, but it will rebound from this disaster because of the resilience and bravery of the people here, many of them migrants.

move2nz’s Friendship network

If you are in Christchurch and need anything don’t forget that we have a fantastic city-wide network of friends. This has made a real difference to many people in need of help – from digging out driveways, getting drinking water or just somewhere to have a shower!

If you need a hand contact me, or post on move2nz’s forum or facebook page.

How can you help?

There are several appeals and if you can please send in a donation to one of these. move2nz is not able to collect or manage donations but many much larger institutions are and your support will be very much appreciated.

Support Christchurch!
Although this area is not a great place to visit right now Christchurch will return to normal. Broken buildings will be repaired and new beautiful buildings will replace many which cannot be repaired.

Once the initial recovery phase is over the businesses in this area will be relying on income from tourism to help recover, so don’t write Christchurch or Banks Peninsula off – it will be well worth a visit!

Support local businesses
Many local businesses are still operating out of homes or temporary offices.

As a good friend of mine, Norm Mackenzie, says

Apart from getting stuck-in and helping out around the community, we need the get the wheels of trade turning.

Christchurch needs money to flow through all businesses to help save jobs and help people feed their families.

We are asking people to stop and ask the following question – “If the price is competitive can I purchase this product or service from Christchurch?” if the answer is yes, you will be helping to rebuild Canterbury and save jobs.

I have created a thread on the forum where local business details can be posted. Please support these businesses and help save jobs in Christchurch.

Useful quake resources

Recovery information:

Earthquake information

Recovery efforts and assistance

I have posted these on the move2nz forum here. If anyone has other links they think would be useful please post them ;o).



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