Calling all teachers

Are you a teacher having trouble getting your qualifications recognised in New Zealand?

I would like to build a picture of what is happening and collect first-hand reports.

It appears that some overseas (from the UK only I believe but prove me wrong) teaching qualifications are not accepted by NZQA. Although introduced over a decade ago NZQA appears not to have updated it’s database.

In the meantime I am hearing more and more stories of teachers expecting to be able to find work only to realise they are completely unable to operate in their field of expertise. Rather than watching the number of experienced and qualified teachers working in supermarkets increase I’d like to do something about this.

Making a difference
My intention is to put together a report on this and generate pressure through various means (direct, political and through the media) to have this situation addressed properly.

If you have first-hand experience of this situation or information to help me please send me a private message or post on this blog.

Thanks for your help!



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