Migration slide update

I was pleased to see the Herald publishing my story on July 28th about the declining numbers of migrants, backed up by interviews with other experts.

I have given up sending information to the Immigration Minister as there is never any sensible response. At some point Dr. Coleman will probably tell the media he knew nothing about this short-fall and be appalled.  

The story was picked up by the Listener recently in their editorial Go with the flow and I was saddened to see that they had completely missed the point.

“New Zealand must not drop the standards of its Residence Programme in the short term just to meet its immigration quota or to boost house prices.”

I could not agree more, however this is entirely incorrect.

The reality is that without any change to the processing criteria the number of highly skilled workers being allowed into the Residency programme has been been slashed by 30%.

Standards have not been dropped, they have been unofficially raised to meet unpublished changes to criteria.

Squeezing from the other side, the number of applicants being declined has also increased by around 50 percent over last year, meaning that current selection numbers will fall short of the government’s own miniumum quota by an estimated 5,500 people.

In a time when it has been confirmed that a drop in immigration would be distrous surely forgetting to factor in the number of applications being declined is an unforgivable error which will cost New Zealand business, block economic growth and cut job creation.


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